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Driving Lessons Nailsea

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Driving Lessons Nailsea

To Book Your Driving Lessons Please Call

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Driving Instructor Training Nailsea

Over 230 Driving Test Passes in 2016


Driving Lessons Nailsea

You want to pass your driving test 1st time,

and we can help you do just that.

Most people will tell you that all driving instructors are the same but did you know that an amazing 30% of learner drivers change their driving instructor before ever taking a driving test, thats almost 234,000 people every year.

So as you can clearly see we are not all the same and your choice of driving instructor can make a massive difference to your success and to the cost of learning to drive.

Living in Nailsea means a driving license is almost essential to access the outside world for leisure purposes or to improve job prospects. You only learn to drive once, so your choice of instructor is an important decision

Why choose us for your driving lessons?

We all learn in different ways, so it’s important to choose an instructor that will respond to your needs. Our instructors deliver high quality, structured lessons that safely build your confidence, knowledge and understanding at a pace that is suitable for youWe also strive to make lessons enjoyable.

Our instructors’ work hard to guide you through the learning to drive syllabus and keep you informed of your progress each week. While we cannot guarantee everyone will pass their driving test first time, our instructors aim to help you achieve this feat. A couple of weeks before your driving test you will be given the opportunity to sit a mock test which will give you a better idea of what to expect.

If you still need convincing that we really are your best choice for driving lessons in Nailsea then have a look at the evidence by reading Over 600 Genuine Customer Reviews left by people just like you that have experienced first hand learning to drive with us.

Our lesson rates are competitive and include your first 10 hour block of lessons for just £197.

Please give us a call now on 01275 400144 and lets get started with your journey to independence and freedom that a driving licence will bring.

Christmas and Birthday Gift Vouchers are available from the following number

01275 400144

One Week Intensive Driving Courses

We are also able to provide you with One Week Intensive Driving Courses in Nailsea and the surrounding areas. These intensive courses can be a great way to get on the road fast and can even save you a lot of money in the process. The intensive courses vary in length from just 12 hours to 42 hours for complete beginners.

You will need to have passed your theory test before we can book your practical driving test and a deposit will be payable upon booking your intensive course. 

Please call our offices for more details on how our one week intensive driving courses work.


Under 17's Driving Lessons 

Under 17's driving lessons days are held at The Royal Bath & West Showground near Shepton Mallet once a month and offer you a great opportunity to get a head start and learn the basics of car control in a safe off road enviroment before turning 17. 


Driving Instructor Training Nailsea

We are able to provide you with the complete driving instructor training package local to you in Nailsea. This is your chance to start down that road to a new rewarding career as a fully qualified driving instructor. Please contact us for more details.



Additional Driving Instructor Wanted In Nailsea or nearby area.

Become part of the team, Call James or Holly on 01275 400144

Driving Instructor Training by ORDIT registered trainers is also available. 


Driving Lessons Portishead  

Driving Lessons Nailsea


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Driving Lessons Nailsea

Another Great First Time Pass

Massive well done to Jasmine Rees from Portishead Jasmine Passed her test after completing her 5 day 30 hour course yesterday 19/08/16. Jasmine passed at the Southmead test centre with just 4 driver faults best wishes for your future from Rob & all at 2nd2none driving school.

Driving Lessons Nailsea

A massive well done to Charlie Smith from Portishead who passed his driving test today 05/02/16 at Bristol Southmead driving centre with just 5 minor faults! 

Congratulations, Charlie and safe driving!

Driving Lessons Nailsea Congratulations to Alex from Clevedon who passed his driving test today 19/04/2016 on his first attempt at Southmead Test Centre with driving instructor, John Jenkins.
'You gave me confidence, John' - Alex.
Driving Lessons Nailsea

Congratulations to Harrison Knight from Portishead who passed his test this morning 11/02/16 at Bristol Southmead with just 1 minor!

Well done, Harrison. Enjoy your freedom!

Driving Lessons Nailsea Congratulations to Harry Purnell from Portishead! A good driving test pass today 6/1/15 on his 1st attempt at Bristol Southmead with 5 'minors'. Good luck for the future & safe driving.
Driving Lessons Nailsea

Passed my test first time today with John, really good, 

patient instructor would definitely recommend using him!

Meg Egerton

Driving Lessons Nailsea

After a dodgy start in terms of driving instructors, i started to have lessons with John. Since then, I have become a much more competent and confident driver and as I type this I am on my way back from Weston Super Mare having passed my test first try! Couldn't recommend this school or the instructors enough. Thank you!

Natalie Levente

Driving Lessons Nailsea

"Would like to thank John Hodson for all his efforts to allow me to pass my driving test! Lessons were fun, exciting and challenging which always allows for improvement each lesson! Great feedback was always given at the start of each lesson, to allow you as the pupil to gain a focus on what you need to focus on, in order to be a better driver!"

 Great instructor, Cheers John!

Jack Last

Driving Lessons Nailsea

When I first started driving, I was so nervous, but learning to drive with 2nd2None was great, I felt at ease in no time, and I've just passed my test first time! My instructor, James, was very helpful, and I wouldn't have been able to do it without him! Thank you 2nd2None Driving School!

Driving Lessons Nailsea

I've just passed my driving test first time ! Yepee. Thanks to 2nd2none for helping me along the way and a big thans to james my instructor for giving me guide nice and the confidence to do so. My lessons were fun and a big laugh. I would fully recommend 2nd2none driving school. This is going to make such a difference to my life, I now have my independence now I can drive!

Driving Lessons Nailsea

Just passed my test with thanks to James Orgar for helping me all the way definitely recommend him to anybody looking to start 2nd2none all the way !!!!!!

Driving Instructors Nailsea

After having driving lessons with another driving school I didnt feel happy at all being behind the wheel.

Ao glad I went with 2nd2none, without their calm approach to my nerves I highly doubt I would of passed first time"

Sophie Gass-Brown



Driving Lessons Nailsea